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Auditions for Prelude to a Kiss by Craig Lucas

Directed by Larry Watson

June 15 1:00 - 3:30 and June 18 6:30 - 8:30 at the Nashua Public Library Theater


Character Descriptions


Peter Hoskins (Lead): A young, earnest, and idealistic man who falls in love with Rita and marries her. Actor should appear in their 20s-30s


Rita Boyle (Lead): A young, enigmatic, and independent woman who captures Peter's heart. She undergoes a transformation that complicates their relationship. Actor should appear in their 20s-30s.


Old Man (Lead): A stranger who crashes Peter and Rita's wedding and unexpectedly changes the course of all their lives. Actor should appear in their 70s-80s


Mrs. Boyle (Supporting): Rita's mother.  Very close with Rita, worries, and wants to see her settled.  Actor should appear in their 50s-60s


Dr. Boyle (Supporting): Rita's father.  Protective, jovial, and somewhat curmudgeonly.  Actor should appear in their 50s-60s.


Taylor (Supporting): Peter's friend and confidant, who provides support and advice throughout the play. Any age or gender


Aunt Dorothy (Featured): Rita’s aunt, who attends her wedding to Peter.  Actor should appear in their 40’s-60s


Uncle Fred (Featured): Rita’s uncle who attends her wedding to Peter.  Actor should appear in their 40s-60s.


Leah (Featured): The Old Man’s daughter.  Concerned for her father’s wellbeing.  Actor should appear in their 40s-50s


Ensemble roles (May be doubled):


Tom, Minister, Waiter, Wedding Guests, Party Attendees


Do you have a show that you are passionate about

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We have the following Director spots available:

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