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OUR 2022-2023 Board 

President: Amy Mackay

Vice President: Chris Vick

Treasurer: Shawn Manning

Recording Secretary: Beth Schwartz

Corresponding Secretary: Beth Venuti

Members at Large: Valerie Wisneski, Rebecca Manning, Vicki Sandin

Associate Members at Large: Savannah Brewer

Ex-Officio: Betsey Martel

How It Began

On June 21, 1961, fifty people met in the barn of the Chandler Memorial Library in downtown Nashua with a mission to offer the community affordable, high-quality theatre while enriching the talents and abilities of its members. Nashua Theatre Guild is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and is proud to be one of the oldest theatre groups in New Hampshire.

Where We Are Now


Today, Nashua Theatre Guild continues to entertain audiences with comedies, dramas, and cutting-edge theatre. We perform all our main stage shows at Court Street Theater in downtown Nashua, and sometimes take our acting beyond the stage. For the past 25 summers, we performed our annual Shakespeare in the Park in Greeley Park.

NTG is not just community theater, but theater for the community. Our organization is funded through membership, tickets, concession and raffle sales, grants and personal donations.

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