Babel in Arms

Babel's in Arms

David Ives

Cannaphlit and Gorph, two slaves of amazingly little capacity attempt to build the Tower of Babel. They bring along a stone as a start but have some trouble figuring out what exactly it is and what exactly it is for. Quite generally, there seems to be an abundance of things - pardon, fuckers - without names.

During their ruminations about the stone's purpose, a Businesswoman appears, accompanied by a high High Priestess (Jessica) and her Eunuch. The priestess blesses the stone and the Businesswoman begins to explain to Gorph and Cannaphlit the point of the future tower of Baybel. Or Babble.

Faced with no pay and hard work, the slaves try hard to figure out a way to get out of the project Buy Cialis. But to no avail - they must deal with the fact that the tower to God that they are to build must be infinitely high and, according to the laws of physics, infinitely wide.

The alternative, digging a hole infinitely deep and infinitely wide (because God need not be in the sky, you see) seems equally improbable. Cannaphlit then comes up with the solution: God is everywhere. The result being: There is no need for a tower, a hole or anything else. They celebrate this and explain the situation to the businesswoman, who is, at first, not amused at all. When Cannaphlit illustrates the financial trouble of building an infinite tower from (logically!) an infinite number of stones, she accepts a theoretical tower and rewards them .

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