Up Next

Arsenic and Old Lace

By Joseph Kesselring 

Directed by Amy Mackay

Abby Brewster - Maria Barry
Martha Brewster - Catherine Andruskevich
Mortimer Brewster - Rich Alcott
Jonathan Brewster - Chris Vick
Dr. Einstein - Neal Blaiklock
Teddy Brewster - Mike Wood
Elaine Harper - Sierra Jones
Rev. Harper - Raymond Mark
Officer Brophy - Jordan Grapel
Officer Klein - Katy Carter
Mr. Gibbs - TBD
Officer O'Hara - Tim Mitchell
Lt. Rooney - Steve Kalter
Mr. Witherspoon - TBD

Moving on to Regional Competition:

Used Car for Sale

By Lewis John Carlino

Directed by Joe Pelonzi

Charlie Ingersoll: Len Deming
Hank Shaver: Mike Perry
George Patmore: Mitch Fortier
Suzi Breneman: Sierra Jones